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Southwestern University 
Georgetown, TX

Student Research!

Check out our research projects on the effects of e-cigarettes on lung function and lung tissue health!

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Man Vaping

Senior Kinesiology student Alicia Peters is currently wrapping up her capstone research project investigating the effects of vaping on adolescent rat lung function and circulating inflammatory cytokines. 

"This fall [2022] has been amazing getting to continue to do research with Dr. Stokes as part of my capstone project. In this study, we completed a 2 week long vape exposure that assessed the effects of vaping on lung function and the inflammatory markers in the blood. This study is slightly different from the first one I completed with Dr. Stokes in the summer of 2021 (in both the age of the rats and the length of the study), so it has been interesting to see the differing results between the two studies! I am also super excited about our study as we got to work with adolescent aged rats, which is a demographic that vaping usage is most popular."

Colorful Student Research Projects! 


Quadruple Color in the Brain!
Confocal microscopy image showing neurons (NK1 antibody in green), microglia (CD11b [Ox42] antibody in white), astrocytes (GFAP antibody in red), and nuclei (DAPI in blue). 
Kyle Barron, 2018
Undergraduate Student 


These beautiful cells are very important 

regulators of  neuronal communication in the brain, even assisting with synaptic connections and plasticity. Check out our Research page to learn about how we visualize these cells and how we aim to uncover their functions in hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions.  

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