Dr. Stokes

Academic. Researcher. Explorer. 

My path to get here was not linear, but I like to think that I learned a lot along the way. This convoluted path also proved to solidify what I knew all along: I love science, I love to teach science, and I love introducing students to research. 

Check out my personal website to learn more about me and the courses that I teach! 


The lab mascot! A poorly extracted dorsal root ganglion resulted in this colorful prehistoric masterpiece. Captured during my thesis research, Toprosaur safeguards the lab. 

(The name is a combination of the TOPRO3 antibody and dinosaur)  


This could be YOU! Contact the lab to learn more about student research opportunities. 

Stokes Lab Graduates at ... 

Jada Faul

Kyle Barron

Alex Morgan

Student. Traveler. Lover of Coffee.

I am an undergraduate sophomore pursuing two degrees in Biochemistry and Neuroscience. I enjoy learning all things science while being fueled by coffee in all forms. I am stoked (haha get it?) to join Dr. Stokes' lab this summer and look forward to discovering new techniques and skills!

Post Stokes Lab Update: Jada is a medical student at LSU Health Sciences, Shreveport! 


Biology/Biochemistry double major focusing on Pre-Medical studies. I am doing research in preparation for medical school and am interested in learning more about confocal microscopy and glial cells.

Post Stokes Lab Update: Kyle is a medical student at LSU, New Orleans! 

Student. Science enthusiast. Wannabe Researcher.

Currently pursuing a major in Neuroscience, learning all I can about the brain. Excited to learn about how the scientific process of researching works from the best, while also learning the mechanisms behind one of the most complex organs of our body. Team Stoked!

Post Stokes Lab Update: Alex is a research technician at Pfizer!